These stories have been created and written by me, over the past twelve months. My inspiration comes from many sources; a song title, a lyric, a snippet of conversation, something I've read or something I have seen!  However, my best work (in my opionion) are the stories that have been inspired by the people I have met along the way. Some people have been brave enough to have me put them in their own story, given me freedom to create something special they can treasure forever.

Echo Beach is based on fact and is an event that happened more than 25 years ago to one of the first guys we met. I was fascinated by the story and tried to visualise the scene as the story was told to me. I later looked up some images of the Bay of Islands to give me a real sense of location which certainly helped with the writing. (The names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved)

On The Table was purely a story that was created after I let my mind loose for an hour. I cannot remember where the inspiration came from but it was an easy piece to write. I did later find out that someone I have played with did in fact experience a situation very much like the one described here.

The Storm was written about a year ago. I had a request from a guy I was chatting with on line that I include him in one of my stories. So I made him the main character. He was so delighted with it that he actually wrote a response! He has given me the go-ahead to publish the second part which I will do in due course.

The Storm Part Two  was originally written by Mr C who was the main character in The Storm. I was flattered by his efforts in putting together such a great response. Although his style may be a little more graphic than my own but I still believe it provides an excellent conclusion. This is my adaptation of the original piece.

Caught Out was written when I was genuinely left stranded at a local country park on the afternoon prior to our very first meet. Whilst waiting for assistance, I started to pen the first few lines and once I set eyes on the driver I had my main character too! Thank you Dean, helpful in more ways than one.