Monday, 14 November 2016

The Surprise

(written on 3rd June 2010)

I lay on a blanket set by the side of my car, waiting for you. The sun is beating down and there is a gentle breeze. I close my eyes and lose myself for a moment, anticipating your arrival.  I can hear children playing in the distance when I hear your car draw closer. The car stops a few feet away from where I am laying and I want to open my eyes, see you for the first time, but I know the sensation will be so much better if I keep them closed.

I have never seen you, nor do I know what you look like. Our friendship has built up over a matter of weeks, over the internet and has lead to today’s meeting. Each time we chat, I am turned on by your words, sensitivity and sensual nature.

The car door closes quietly and soon you are beside me. I have my hands behind my head so you can see my outstretched body. You kiss me ever so gently on the neck. I can feel your warm breath on my skin and I smell your aftershave. I take a deep breath in anticipation of what is to come. Your hand runs down my side from the breast to the top of my thigh. You catch the hem of my skirt with your thumb and raise it up a little exposing my flesh to the suns rays. Your lips caress my collarbone as your hand now reaches under my loose fitting blouse. I tingle with pleasure and even though the sun continues to beat down I can feel goose bumps over my body.  Your hand rises slowly and finds my breast, nipple already erect from expectancy and you tweak it, very gently with your thumb and forefinger. You circle my nipple with the tip of your finger while kissing me gently on the lips. Mouths slightly parted, I taste your tongue on mine for the very first time. It was better than I expected. Soft, warm and tender.

Oh my God, I want to explode with excitement. I am really wet between my legs. I so want more but that’s all part of the thrill of meeting in such a public place. Wanting more and knowing that you can’t have what you want, when you want it. I would love to push you onto your back and take your hardened length into my mouth, circling the end with my tongue, holding your balls firmly, licking the pre-cum from your penis, taking grip of your buttocks and my tongue slides up and down your strong manhood.

Instead I lower my hand from behind my head and lay it first on my tummy. I circle my naval for a while before sliding my hand under the waist line of my skirt. My fingers slide over my mound and part my swollen lips. I gently rub my clitoris and stimulate myself. Even though my eyes are still closed I know you have been watching my hand actions. Your breathing has changed to a quickened pace, indicating arousal. So much so, I can feel you almost on top of me now. Lying on your left side you have crossed your right leg over mine and you have lifted my blouse and taken my nipple into your mouth. I want to enjoy this moment forever. The feeling inside of me is sensational.

Your tongue movement over my breast has me craving for more. My fingers rub more vigorously now as I am ready, ready to orgasm. I have to be quiet. My back arches slightly as I reach climax and I let out some quiet moans. You brush your face close to mine and kiss me for one final time.  I feel your body move away from mine, I hear the car door open and close, the engine starts, you pull away and you are gone.
Those intense few minutes have left me exhausted, almost breathless. I should lay here a while longer, savour the moment, feel the sun on my skin for a minute or two more.

I hear the birds singing, kids playing and cars moving on the other side of the park. One car parks near by.  Why would someone park so close when there is so much room here?
The man gets out and walks over. ‘Excuse me’ he says ‘Are you Kate?’

I look back at him inquisitively. I hesitate. ‘Yes, are you my date?’
‘Yes I am’ he replies. ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you’

All of a sudden, I am left wondering who I have just spent the last few minutes with and as I had my eyes closed the whole time…… I guess I’ll never know xx

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