Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Dark Side

The young woman took a long look at herself in the full length mirror that hung on the back of the door. She turned to the side and smoothed out the creases in her skin tight short dress. Her small bag hung around her neck and across her body, falling between her breasts, the long strap allowing the bag to rest on her hip.  Her four inch black stilettos forced her to stand stall and hold her shoulders back. She leaned closer towards the mirror and examined her face. It had healed well but her make up concealed the remaining marks.

She made the walk down the dingy alley to a bar on the corner. Once there she took a seat on a high stool at the window table and ordered her drink. She exchanged only a glance with the barman when her Bacardi and coke was put down in front of her before returning her stare to the outside world.

Her attention however was drawn to the bar when she heard a glass breaking, and that is when she noticed him. The suited gent, probably early 50’s judging by his greying hair, sitting alone drinking his dark spirit from a tumbler. He looked her way and she was quick to smile at him, twirling her dyed blonde hair around her fingers. She deliberately dropped her lip gloss to the floor and stepping down from the seat to retrieve it she turned her back on him. Reaching to the floor made her short dress ride high, revealing her bum cheeks to anyone that might be looking her way. She stood up, knocked back her drink and left some money on the table before leaving.

The grey haired man left the bar and followed her along a dimly lit alley. Hearing his footsteps splash in the puddles, she smiled to herself knowingly, stopped in her tracks, turned and faced him. She beckoned him to follow her a few more yards to a doorway shielded by waste bins. She pushed him against an old broken door and grabbed for his balls, manipulating them through the creases of his pin stripe trousers, turning the soft sponge like hangings into hardened contracted sacs. He thrust his hand down her low cut top and lowered his head to suck hard on her nipples. He bit on them far too hard. She winced in pain, threw her head back, and bit on her lip instead of letting out the scream within. She waited for him to release his mouth and seized the opportunity to drop to her knees and unzipped his trousers.

Drops of water from a broken pipe continually fell on her sending shivers down her body as she levered his already stiff cock over the waist of his pants and rolled on a sheath.

Gripping the base of his length with one hand she parted her cherry red lips and took him deep into her mouth. She didn’t cover her teeth with her lips as she draw back and forth, choosing instead to inflict some pain on him, but he didn’t seem to mind. She was just gaining some pace, when disturbed and concerned by distant footsteps, he pulled her by her hair, halting her fellatio.

She looked up at him and only continued when he pushed her head into his groin again. She took him deeper this time, gagging each time his tip hit the back of her throat. She was desperate for him to shoot his load so she could draw breath so she tightened her grip on him and sucked as hard as she could, almost removing the orange flavoured condom in the process. She pulled the sheath to the base just before the warmth of his fluid filled the pocket of air at the end of the rubber.

She rose to her feet and tucked her tits back in her dress. He adjusted himself and reached for an inside pocket. He handed the young girl a tenner from his wallet and walked back towards the bar. She was bitterly disappointed. That blow job was worth at least twenty quid and he knew it, but there was no point arguing.

Arguments led to fights, and she didn’t want that to happen…… again.

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