Thursday, 22 October 2015

One Night

Just one night together, that's all I ask.

One night of unbridled passion; a night we can both let off steam and release the sexual tension and frustration.

I don't care how much the hotel room costs, just so long as there is enough wall space for you to pin me against and spank my arse.

Just so long as the walls are thick enough I don't have to stifle my moans of pleasure.

Just so long as the shower is big enough we can enjoy the cascading warm water together.

Just so long as the bed is wide enough that we can fall asleep, spooning.

Just so long as I can wake up with you.

Just once.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015



Wants & Needs

Penned in the early hours of a recent, restless night ....

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Cast Adrift

For the most part,
I can manage you,
but on the days you run amok in my mind,
  I feel way out of my depth;
cast adrift in open water
with only a flimsy vessel in which to sail and protect me.

On such days I am vulnerable,
weak against the elements,
no strength to fight.
Prepared to let whatever wants to consume me,
  take me
and do with me what it will.

I have no choice but to let the zephyr
  take me on this journey.

I can take the heat,
despite it's dehydrating nature,
for I know that you will quench my thirst
when the time is right.