Monday, 27 February 2012

Carpe Diem

I didn't mind waiting my turn to order some tiles this morning. The view was rather appealing.

If I was going to liken him to a celebrity it would be Brad Pitt only several years younger; late 20's I would estimate. Dressed in red sneakers, faded Diesel jeans that hung nicely on his hips, check print shirt untucked and covering his no doubt designer boxer shorts. 'Dirty' blond hair, spiked with gel and facial hair that was more than stubble but not a full grown beard.

Had anyone described him to me as a potential date I more than likely would have said not my type yet this vision stood before me and I couldn't take my eyes from him.

I'm not sure if I was still high from the sexual antics of last night or if the glorious winter sunshine had an influence on my mood, but I took advantage of the situation and keyed his contact number into my phone as he gave it to the shop assistant when he ordered his goods.

I messaged him instantly while he settled his account.

'I'm right behind you. Fancy a coffee?'

My heart pounded, unsure of what the outcome would be.

I watched anxiously as he withdraw his phone from his jeans pocket.

I could see a slightly puzzled look on his face which slowly turned to a smile.

I hardly dare look and as I stared at the floor, his hand dipped back into his pocket.

Damn! Such a fucking idiot. Why didn't I just speak to him? He exited the store and I was left feeling like a lemon.

Then my phone went off. One new message.

'Cappucino or Latte?'