Monday, 27 February 2012

Carpe Diem

I didn't mind waiting my turn to order some tiles this morning. The view was rather appealing.

If I was going to liken him to a celebrity it would be Brad Pitt only several years younger; late 20's I would estimate. Dressed in red sneakers, faded Diesel jeans that hung nicely on his hips, check print shirt untucked and covering his no doubt designer boxer shorts. 'Dirty' blond hair, spiked with gel and facial hair that was more than stubble but not a full grown beard.

Had anyone described him to me as a potential date I more than likely would have said not my type yet this vision stood before me and I couldn't take my eyes from him.

I'm not sure if I was still high from the sexual antics of last night or if the glorious winter sunshine had an influence on my mood, but I took advantage of the situation and keyed his contact number into my phone as he gave it to the shop assistant when he ordered his goods.

I messaged him instantly while he settled his account.

'I'm right behind you. Fancy a coffee?'

My heart pounded, unsure of what the outcome would be.

I watched anxiously as he withdraw his phone from his jeans pocket.

I could see a slightly puzzled look on his face which slowly turned to a smile.

I hardly dare look and as I stared at the floor, his hand dipped back into his pocket.

Damn! Such a fucking idiot. Why didn't I just speak to him? He exited the store and I was left feeling like a lemon.

Then my phone went off. One new message.

'Cappucino or Latte?'

Friday, 13 January 2012

Caught Out!

The couple had been well and truly caught out in the middle of nowhere. A beauty spot by day and a dogging spot by night, they had gone out to feed their hungry sexual appetite with other such horny couples and single guys. Now the bloody car wouldn’t start. It was their own fault for leaving the wipers and lights on due to the heavy rain that had plagued them for most of the night. He called the AA and hoped the mechanic wasn’t the nosey type that talked too much.

‘Your battery is faulty mate I’m afraid. I can replace it for you now, eighty quid all in’
The driver looked embarrassed and confessed to not having his wallet with him. He never took it out on dogging nights, he never needed it and there was always a chance it could get pinched with so many strangers about.

‘Looks like you’re a bit stuck then’ he said a little too abruptly.
The driver appealed to the mechanics better nature and asked if he could tow them home, where the battery could be replaced and he could pay there and then.

The mechanic glanced at his watch. It was and he was already on overtime having got their call out just as his shift was finishing. He looked at the female passenger sitting in the car, obviously cold from not wearing very much (a very skimpy revealing top, short leather skirt and thigh high boots). He took pity on her and agreed to tow them the short journey home.

In the cab of the rescue vehicle, Dean the mechanic turned up the heating to warm them through although he had quite enjoyed seeing the female's hardened nipples through her tight top. She leaned in to her lover and sat quiet for the whole journey while the guys chatted about nothing much, avoiding the subject of the obvious circumstances in which they had been stranded.

Back at the couple’s house, it didn’t take long to unhook the car and replace the faulty battery and Keith invited Dean in out of the rain while he found his credit card. Jan had dried off, changed and was now wearing a knee length towelling robe with her hair wrapped up in a small blue towel. She offered Dean a hot cup of tea and took his reflective jacket from him to hang in the porch where it could drip dry. He removed his heavy boots and took a seat on the couch. They sat in silence and looked at the flames of the fire she had got going again. He couldn’t help but notice the smooth flesh on the backs of her legs as she bent over the hearth to stoke the fire.

Dean was a strapping bloke, about 5’ 10”, shaven head with a fiery tinge to his eyebrows. Keith returned with his wallet and thanked Dean again for being so understanding. Before sitting himself down, Keith took off his wet jeans and hung them over the fire guard to dry. Keith raised an eyebrow and drank his tea, surprised that anyone could be so bold in front of a stranger, but when he thought back to where he had found them maybe it was no surprise.

‘I should get going now mate. If I can just have you credit card I’ll run it through the machine and be on my way.’

It wasn’t that simple, the credit card failed to take payment. Dean returned to the house.
‘Sorry mate, you seem to have maxed out on your credit. Have you got another card I can try?’
‘You better come back inside while I look for some cash’ Keith asked him nicely.

Dean looked at Jan who was now sitting on the rug in front of the fire, virtually naked. Her towelling robe just covered her bottom as it sat on the floor behind her, leaving her back and the side of her breast exposed. Her skin looked warm and inviting and Dean could not take his eyes off the beautiful form that sat a few paces away from him. His cock went from flacid to rigid in one swift twitch.

Neither of them moved from their positions until Keith walked back in the room and broke the silence. ‘Help yourself mate, she’s not shy’

‘I can see that.’ Dean replied, eyes widening at the thought of being close to such a gorgeous woman.
‘You might as well stay anyway, your shift is finished and it’s still tipping it down.’

Dean did not need asking twice and removed his waterproofs and boots once again. Keith sat in the armchair and watched as Dean approached his woman, who simply turned towards her guest, unzipped his trousers and pulled out his rigid shaft and began to suck. Dean’s head rolled back in rapture as she took a firm hold on the base of his cock and took his entire length into her mouth without applying too much pressure.

He looked down at the top her head, hair still wet from the rain, and watched as his cock kept disappearing between her warm thin lips. He looked up at Keith who was rubbing himself whilst enjoying the floor show. Dean waited for Jan to stop sucking before he knelt down beside her. She stretched her arms behind her and leaned back giving him full access to her breasts. He bowed his head and took her soft roundness into his mouth and let his tongue circle her nipples, increasing his pressure as she moaned in delight.

He ran his hand down her stomach, over her smooth mound and let his finger slide gently between her lips before easing it inside her sex. She was really wet. She dropped her back to the floor, brought her knees up and opened her legs. Dean took his trousers off and kneeled between Jan’s legs and stared at her gorgeous pussy glistening with moisture. Linking his arms under her legs and caressing her thighs and bottom he bent down to taste her juices.

Keith got up from the chair and knelt by the side of his partner and stroked her hair away from her face. He propped her head up with a cushion and she turned towards him and took him into her mouth. His bare cock thrust into her releasing small drops of pre cum for her to savour on as she was simultaneously being devoured below. Dean curled his fingers searching for her g-spot and as he sat up, pulled back on his own hardness with his other hand preparing himself for penetration.

The heat from the fire was intense on Dean’s back as he positioned himself closer to Jan’s pelvis. He leaned over her body and holding his cock in one hand, rubbed it up and down her inviting entrance several times before penetrating. He was gentle at first, unsure of how she would react but she did not flinch and continued to suck on Keith’s dick as if he was the only man getting attention. Keith knew otherwise, sensing her arousal from the way her tongue flicked around the head of his stiffness, turning him on too.

As he thrust inside her, Dean leaned his head towards her breast and pulled at her nipple with his teeth. He had her attention now, bad boy! She pulled away from sucking cock and wrapped her legs tightly around his thick torso, doing her best to lock her feet together behind his back.

Continuing to thrust, they looked deep into each others eyes. Keith pulled harder on his own erection as he watched Dean pump his wife senseless. Sweat dripped from Dean as the heat of the fire burnt more against his back. Dean was nearing orgasm.
‘I’m close to coming.’ he declared, panting for breath, still pounding, not wanting to lose rhythm.
‘Fuck me’ Jan cried out ‘fuck me ‘til you shoot’ she demanded
Dean could hold back no longer and ejaculated deep within Jan and as the last few spurts left his body she released her grip on him, allowing him to move away, at last, from the fire.

Never before had Dean experienced anything quite like that before; not the situation or the sex.
On the journey home, he reached into his pocket for his cigarettes and pulled out not only his smokes and lighter but Keith’s credit card too. He would have to return it of course, but not tonight. He’d leave that for another day.