Monday, 19 September 2011

The Storm - Part Two

Alison woke to the sound of a long loud buzz. She opened her eyes and shut them again quickly to block out the bright sun that streamed through her bedroom window. She checked the time. It was just past nine. Although she had slept well, she still felt tired.
She pulled the duvet back over her shoulder and turned to settle down again.
A second much longer buzz made Alison sit bolt upright. What was that? Adjusting to the light properly this time and coming to her senses she realised the buzz was the front door bell. She checked her watch again to make sure she hadn’t mis-read it the first time. No, it was definitely nine and in her opinion far too early for anyone to be calling on her, particularly unexpected, on a Saturday morning. The third, very persistant ring made her leap out of bed and grab her robe. She was determined to give whoever it was a piece of her mind and if it was cold callers or religious callers she really didn’t think she could be held responsible for her words or actions. She flew down the stairs and opened the door.

Once again the bright sunlight caught her out. All she could make out was a huge bouquet of flowers.
‘You must have the wrong address’ she blurted out before the carrier said anything, who she still couldn’t see behind the mass of crysanthimums and carnations.
‘I don’t think so’ the man’s voice replied, lowering the delivery to reveal his identity.
‘Andy! Goodness. How did you know where…..’
Andy anticipated her question and nervously interrupted ‘I dropped you off after the Christmas party last year. Remember?’
‘Yes. Of course you did. I’d forgotten.’
‘So what are you doing here?’ Feeling vulnerable and having flashbacks to the scene in the office the night before, Alison pulled her robe tighter across her body, conscious that underneath she was naked.
‘Can I come in?’ he asked taking a step closer to the open door.
‘These are for you. By way of an apology for yesterday. I’m sorry.’
Alison took the flowers from him, opened the door wider and gestured him into her house.
‘Come through’ Andy followed Alison to the lounge and took a seat on the leather couch while Alison placed the flowers in a bowl of water.
‘I hadn’t expected anyone to come back to the office. I was sure I locked the door.’
Alison sat beside a still nervous Andy who was perched on the edge of his seat.
‘I must confess, I don’t know what came over me either. I don’t make a habit of such public displays of sex, you know.’
They both smiled and seemed to relax a little as the awkwardness slowly disolved.

Andy siezed the moment and held Alison by the upper arms and gave her a long kiss.
‘Wow!’ she exclaimed collapsing into the softness of the back of the soft leather couch, her robe falling open to expose her thigh
‘Where did that come from?’
Instead of answering, Andy leaned in towards her and ran his hand over her leg, stealing another, much longer kiss.
Alison couldn’t help but respond and adjusted her body to wrap her arms around Andy. She soon had one hand underneath his t-shirt and was running her fingernails up and down his back as his kisses became more passionate.
Her mind was scrambling; she couldn’t recall the last time she had felt such emotion and intensity with a man. Andy moved his kisses from her lips, down to her neck and as he gently eased away the fabric of her robe, continued to her chest. He slipped his hand just inside her robe to feel her breasts for the first time; the breasts he had glared at the night before as her nipples had hardened under the wet cotton of her dress.
‘Wow, you have such gorgoeus nipples’ he whispered.
By this time, Alison had thrown her leg over Andy’s and they were semi-locked together. She lifted the t-shirt from Andy’s back and threw it to one side. She returned the favour and placed tiny gentle kisses over his face and into his hair.
Andy focussed his attention on Alison’s nipples for a while, sucking, licking, flicking and teasing. The passion within Alison grew stronger, she needed to give something back but was trapped under the weight of Andy’s body now he had rolled to lie almost on top of her. The leg that had been across his had now fallen to the floor and was stretched out in anticipation of where Andy’s hand would travel to next. He didn’t disappoint, alsmost reading the invitation to slip his fingers between her legs.
‘Christ, you are so wet.’ She parted her legs to allow him better access to her warm moist pussy. Alison let out a groan of pleasure as Andy trailed his kisses down her tummy towards her well trimmed haven. He shifted from the couch to the floor and knelt before her.

In a much better position to pleasure, Andy played his tongue over and over Alison’s clit, flicking her hard nub with his tongue licking the juices from her soaked pussy. Alison shuddered as she peaked and Andy pulled away to give her a deep lingering kiss so she could taste how good she was. With Andy’s weight now removed from her body, Alison found the energy to ease him onto the floor. She loved every minute of being pampered with such affection but she was ready to take charge. She unfastened his belt and trousers and slid them down to his knees. His erection was quite visible under the security of his boxers and she teased him with some gentle rubbing with one hand while she tweaked at  his nipple with the other. She could feel him squirming in delight. She decided not to tease anymore and released his cock from the confines of his underwear to take his stiff cock directly into her mouth.
‘Oh fffffff’ he called out, rather loudly and ran his hand over her back and grasped at her buttocks to convey the strong feelings he was experiencing.
He stared at the light fitting on the ceiling for the entire time she was down on him, trying desperately to hold off from the inevitable outcome. Eventually, when he could take no more he lifted his head.
‘Be careful I’m so…..’ he didn’t have to say anymore, Alison had already read the signs and moved herself to straddle him.
With his cock so close to her entrance, she leaned forward to lower her pelvis towards his length, allowing him to first rub at her outer lips before slowly and gradually inserting himself completely inside her. Alison lifted her head to look Andy directly in the eyes. No smiles were exchanged just the look of shear heaven, that after such a display of eroticism the night before which was totally unplanned, they were together in the closest and most intimate of ways. She rode him slowly and as Andy pulled her down onto him so their bodies were in contact, he managed to roll her over onto her back, re-gaining control of the situation. At first she locked her legs around his back to hold him tight, but Andy had different ideas. He took her legs and placed them over his shoulders, thrusting his cock deep into her over and over. Alison’s eyes rolled back as she threw her head back in ecstasy this was the sex she loved so much, she felt so good knowing that her tight pussy was what Andy wanted. As his pace picked up his hands moved to her breast and played with her nipples driving Alison wild, she screamed out for more. Andy gave all he could, fucking her so very hard his balls were slapping down with every thrust he made.  He pulled her nipples and slowed his pace slightly knowing his stamina was faltering. She was just so tight and as he released her legs from over his shoulders he pulled his rock hard length from her. She moved round quickly and soon had his hard cock in her mouth, taking it deep into her throat.  She knew this would achieve her desired outcome and as Andy pulled back and she licked the end of his cock he shot load after load of sticky cum into her open mouth.

They both collapsed into each others arms,  hot and spent bodies shaking with excitement, but knowing that this was going to be a very long weekend.

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