Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Storm

Thank goodness it was Friday. Although it was hot and humid, the weekend weather looked promising.  Just a few last papers and subscription magazines to file away and Alison could head home. Colleagues were leaving in dribs and drabs and soon she would also be out of the door. She was a little obsessed with leaving her desk tidy for the weekend. Tidy desk, tidy mind is what she believed in.

With everything in place, Alison grabbed her bag and keys and left the office behind her.
Waiting at the bus stop, the clouds got darker and huge raindrops started to fall. Having no umbrella she stood under a nearby tree for shelter. Ten minutes passed and still no bus. Deciding on getting a taxi, she rummaged in her bag for her phone. It wasn’t there. She must have left it in her drawer at the office. Making a dash for it she returned to the office, dripping wet. Walking to her desk she was distracted by Andy sitting in his office. It wasn’t unusual for him to work late but ….. with his shirt off?

Alison had always got on well with Andy and not resisting a joke she poked her head around the door. ‘I know it’s been hot Andy but that’s a bit extreme isn’t it?’  She caught sight of his flushed face and soon she realised that there was more to this than met the eye.  ‘Everything ok?’ she asked. ‘Great thanks’ he replied, staring back at her, fixing his gaze to her chest. Alison looked down and realised that not only was her sodden dress clinging to her but her nipples had gone rock hard as the air conditioning met the wetness of the cloth. He appeared mesmerised for a while then looked back at his laptop.  He typed something, smirked slightly and swivelled on his chair.

Now she was blushing. ‘You’re naked, aren’t you?’ Alison had never looked at Andy as anything other than a colleague and friend but now……fuck me, she liked what she saw.
To Andy’s surprise Alison took a seat opposite him and sat and watched him for a while. He carried on as though she wasn’t there; typing, smiling and occasionally laughing.
Curiosity got the better of her and she walked over to stand behind his desk so she could get a better view of the laptop. As she leaned over, Andy rubbed her bottom, stroked her thigh and lifted her dress a little. Before he could do anymore the phone rang. She expected him to ignore it but he answered.  By the tone of his voice it was a client but she couldn’t figure out who it was. Andy conducted the call with complete professionalism and Alison wondered if she could catch him out.

She pulled her chair up closer and sat facing him, legs slightly apart. She stroked her breasts and pulled on her already pert nipples. She wet her index finger and played with the bullets, all the while keeping eye contact with him.  Her fingers trailed down her breast plate, over her tummy and come to rest between her thighs.  Andy leaned forward on the desk in time to see her finger slide gently inside her glistening pussy. Alison pleasured herself, circling her clit and rubbing her lips, letting out little groans of rapture every now and then. She closed her eyes and threw her head back at the point of absolute climax and stayed in the position for a moment, basking in the glory of her own achievement. She opened her eyes to find Andy stroking his erection, but he wasn’t watching her, he was still looking at his laptop and still talking on the phone.

Alison composed and straightened herself before leaving his office. She collected her phone and was about to call a taxi when she realised it was no longer raining. The sun was back out and the walk would do her good anyway.

As Alison made her way to the door she wondered if the weekend could get any better……….

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