Friday, 8 July 2011

Echo Beach

Nick took the supplies on the boat and awaited the arrival of his crew for the day.  An Australian couple in their mid thirties had chartered the Echo Beach for the day and were good sailors. This was Nick’s first sail as skipper and he was looking forward to heading off to the beautiful Bay of Islands, near the remote northernmost tip of New Zealand with James and Pip. The couple arrived and boarded the German built Dehler 34, taking their bags below decks before running through a few formalities with the very young skipper.

Once out of the harbour, they set the sails and switched off the engines. The deep blue sea glistened in the sun and a gentle breeze filled the sails taking them towards their destination. They hoped to moor there for lunch and maybe catch a glimpse of some dolphins on the way.

Nick couldn’t help but watch Pip as she walked around the deck. Her white knee length shorts pulled tight across her arse went she bent over and Nick made a mental note that he could see no knicker line. Her long dark hair was tied back in a pony tail which fell over her shoulder, loose strands hanging in soft curls framing her fresh round face. The navy blue polo shirt and deck shoes enhanced her slightly tanned skin and her slender legs supported her light frame.

They weighed anchor in an unoccupied cove and to Nick’s surprise Pip stripped off and jumped into the azure sea below and James was quick to follow. Nick watched them for a while and marvelled at Pip’s naked body as she swam on her back, letting her breasts bob on the surface of the sea, like buoyant markers. When was in the galley preparing lunch he became aware of the silence and went on deck to see if everything was okay. Straight ahead of him, at the foot of the main sail mast, he could see Pip. She was astride of James’ body and was riding him for all she was worth. Nick was astonished and turned to retreat below deck when she caught sight of him.
‘C’mon Nick’ she called, ‘we’ve paid for you and the boat. Come and join in.’

Nick was a little apprehensive. He could lose his job for this. Pip didn’t take her eyes off him until he succumbed to her charm. He stripped himself naked and stood by the side of her. She continued to ride James but took Nick’s rigid cock into her mouth and firmly clenching his white buttocks in her hands to pull him in closer. Nick used his fingers to comb through her wet hair, squeezing water down her back as he did so and with his other hand massaged her gorgeous natural breasts, occasionally pinching at the nipples to heighten the excitement.

Pip climbed down from James and pushed Nick down on the sail bag. She straddled herself over Nick’s face and leaned on James for support. Nick gripped her hips, opened his mouth and stretched his tongue upwards. He could taste the salt water on her skin, but above all he could taste her. Her juices were warm and inviting, begging him to probe further, but James released his support and Pip stood upright. She took two steps back; legs still astride and lowered herself on to Nick’s cock then threw her body forward. Her hands were now above Nick’s shoulders, her breasts swinging in front of his eyes, her hair dripping water on to his chest providing cool spots on his hot body. James stood behind her and although Nick couldn’t really see him, by the look on Pip’s face he knew James was taking her from behind. The three of them soon found perfect rhythm and it was James who came first. He withdrew just before climax and let his cum shoot up Pip’s back. Nick was sure some splashed on his face but he was concentrating and his own emotions and sensations. His own orgasm quickly followed and he wondered just when Pip was going to climax. She released her lock on Nick and laid back in the sunshine, her own fingers stimulating her tiny sensitive flower until a gush of fluid left her body, leaving a puddle on the deck.

Nick’s boss Scott was waiting for them when the moored up. James shook Scott’s hand and thanked him and Pip greeted him with a warm embrace.

‘It’s been a wonderful day and don’t worry …..’ she smiled and as she started to walk away. ‘I’ve broken him in!’

‘I thought you would’ Scott grinned.


  1. Makes me think of warm days and skimpily clad girls. I shall enjoy reading this again in the months of winter

  2. Gives new meaning to "Come Sail Away" (Styx).

    Very nicely imagined. I was right there with them on the boat.

  3. It's a joy to know that you had as much pleasure reading it as I did writing it. Thank you.

  4. hello, just wanted to apologise if i seemed to bne offended by you in the shop, I wasnt anddid appreciate your feedback. I sorry for typing, am down 2 fingers, and small keypad on my laptop. thank you for having taken the time to read what I wrote.


  5. GR Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Words can be difficult to interpret at times so we do have to be careful what we write. Please do not apologise on either count. I sincerely wish you well. Be strong. xx