Monday, 10 October 2011

The Doctor

Il dottore signed in at the desk. Just in from Milan, the stylish man in his early 40s would operate tomorrow on the VIP. He is the best in his field. The clerk hands him the room card, room 951, top floor. Little does he know, cards to the same room had been handed to another couple earlier in the day.

In room 951, the wife, years younger than her husband and beautiful beyond compare, lays resting on a settee. Slim, blond, a figure to die for. She is nervous. An accident last year had left her blind. For 12 months she had been unable to see the colours and sights that had made her world sing. She prayed that this unfamiliar world of constant darkness would end. Her husband a respected figure had not coped well with the loss. Guilt for being at the wheel when the accident had happened. More guilt for being over the drink limit and shame for using his connections to cover it up. His wife did not escape so lightly.

Sex had been a problem for a year. He could not bring himself to invade her body. He could only pleasure her. Oral stimulation for her was a release, but a good solid living phallus inside her was what she craved. She thought about this as she rested. Her husband was absent. He had gone downstairs and would return shortly.

The Italian places the card in the lock and lets himself in. He sees the woman, a vision from heaven. 'Dio mio, che bella', he thinks. He checks the door. This is the right room. He is an important man, and a big job to do tomorrow, but he has not expected this courteous welcome from his sponsors. He removes his overcoat and jacket, loosens his tie and approaches this representative of perfection. He is in awe; 'Bella, bellissima, il viso dell'angelo'. He drops to his knees and inspects her carefully. She is dozing, her breasts rise and fall rhythmically. He watches transfixed at their perfect shape and symmetry. She wears a sheer gown. He can see that she wears no underthings. She is here for him.

His lips brush hers tenderly. A little lip gloss transfers to him. He nuzzles delicately around her face. An Italian recognises and appreciates real beauty intuitively and especially in 'la donna', the woman. He strokes her legs allowing them to become uncovered. First outside her thighs and then on the inner faces, moving higher towards her now exposed mound of gentle fair hair, and those recesses which, he from practice, knows only too well how to bring to life.

She is feeling warm and languid, relaxed by the attentions of this stranger.  As she comes to consciousness, she is pleasantly surprised by the unexpected ministrations of her husband.  She opens her unseeing eyes.  Sensing the movement, he glances upward and is mesmerised by the sight of those beautiful pale, pale blue eyes, looking down towards him.  The eyes that he will come to know so well and which, shall haunt his dreams.

He murmurs quietly.  ‘Cara, ti amo. Tu sei un miracolo’.  She hardly hears, but is instantly aware that this person giving her such pleasurable feelings in her belly, her legs and those places between, is not her husband.  She dare not react.  This man may do her harm.  Her first thought is that he may be a rapist, but he is so gentle and loving, that cannot be the case.

He moves towards her breasts, opening the gown fully.  He kisses each nipple gently in turn.  Flicking his tongue around, encouraging the buds to their own erection and gently, so very gently, chewing on each tip.  He continues to whisper to her encouragingly, softly urging her to join in with him.  He brings her fingers to his shirt.  She opens the buttons and removes the tie.  She feels the expensive fabrics and takes in the scent of his body.  He whispers to her with a foreign tongue.  She understands certain words.  ‘Bella’, beautiful.  ‘Cara’, darling.

She is kissing his body.  She removes his belt.  He steps away out of reach.  She wonders what has gone wrong.  He returns, taking her trembling hands and placing them on his naked hips.  She feels his firm buttocks and then returns towards that which she most longs.  Finger over finger towards his manhood.  She feels his pubic hair, she knows what she covets is so close.  A fingertip touches.  Two, four, eight and thumbs and still she has not encircled it.  It is thick, thicker than anything she has imagined and certainly felt.  The penis is erect, slanting keenly upwards and a little to one side.  It is firm, very firm and unexpectedly hot.  Her fingertips are hot.  This penis is on fire.  She feels it throb.  A pulse runs through a fingertip on its base.  She is almost too frightened to explore its length.  She imagines that its bulbous tip is just an inch from her face.  She holds him at arms length and begins to move her fingers along its length.  Now she curls her fingers around this enormous stem.  She can’t take this.  She wants it, but can she take it?  How much could she get in?  She explores further, one palm width followed by a second and even a third.  My God!  It is huge!

Her hands tremble.  The stranger’s hands are caressing her face, guiding her head gently forward.  She feels the warm bulb pressed gently against her lips.  Again, a little more insistently and she opens her mouth.  It glides between her lips and rests against her teeth.  Wider and the massive rod enters, pressing her tongue down and back in her mouth.  The bulb is trapped between the roof of her mouth and tongue, and her lips are barely passed the bulbous knob end.  She has the penis grasped firmly in her two hands and still there is naked cock hanging out of her mouth.  She can’t lick and so, she sucks, gently, opening her mouth a little to take more inside.  Any further and she will have to take it into her throat.  A whole year and now a cock to choke on, is a thought in her mind.  The stranger whispers softly and she senses that he is fighting an urge to force her on to his giant woman slayer.  He knows that would end the magic of this moment.  So far, but not far enough, yet almost too far.

She knows that this is the time for the real deal.  Penis into vagina, prick into love tunnel, cock into cunt, but will she manage him?  Yes, please Lord, please?  This is turning into a religious experience.  He fights all his urges and withdraws from her mouth.  Five inches are wet, little more than half.  He needs to be buried deep inside her, as much as she needs him.  It is the man’s turn to dominate.  He chooses the position.  He draws her forward on to her hands and knees.  Spreads her knees apart and forces her head to the floor.  He is behind her and in control.  He brings the head of his shaft to her sexual lips, the entrance to her room.  He gently fingers her entrance and stimulates her clitoris until her juices flow on his fingers.  She is ready.  He thrusts gently towards her.  The first sensation is one of stretching, opening and surrounding his enormous bulb.  She reaches one hand back to grasp his rod.  She is going to count the finger widths inside of her., she is losing count.  He must be half in by now.  This position is not ideal and she is filling up fast.  She feels him pushing up towards her belly.  Then he withdraws a few inches.  She suddenly feels empty, like a vacuum.  He returns a fraction deeper.  Three gentle thrusts later, she is in ecstasy.  These are not feelings she had forgotten, but an experience completely new to her and she loves it.  He continues to pump in her steadily.  He senses her limits.  He is not fully in.  She knows this.  She can feel his cock sliding in and out across her palm.

First sensations of an approaching orgasm begin to ripple through.  Almost imagined, but then perceptibly there.  He is nearly ready to come.  The thrusts are more powerful, a little faster, even a little deeper.  She is moaning and losing control.  She leans herself back on to him.  This tightens their bond.  They are moving to the same rhythm, thrusting together as one body.  She is tight around him and he feels every movement on his shaft.  His orgasm is rising.  Soon, very soon he will come.  She has come already and is racing towards her next orgasm.

He pumps faster and suddenly stops.  She feels his penis throbbing inside her.  He is not moving, but the penis is pulsing.  It is forcing his seed from his balls, down the length of his shaft to the bulb, ready to explode into her vagina.  She feels each pulse, racing from end to end.  First concentrating at the base of his cock and then moving steadily towards the tip.  She knows he is about to come.  She can feel the sensations so deep inside her.  He explodes into her and she feels the hot liquid jetting up high inside her.  The loving strangers collapse exhausted.

This night will end.  He does not yet know it, but the handsome Italian will see those captivating pale blue eyes again ……..

…….. tomorrow when he restores the sight of his VIP patient.

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Storm - Part Two

Alison woke to the sound of a long loud buzz. She opened her eyes and shut them again quickly to block out the bright sun that streamed through her bedroom window. She checked the time. It was just past nine. Although she had slept well, she still felt tired.
She pulled the duvet back over her shoulder and turned to settle down again.
A second much longer buzz made Alison sit bolt upright. What was that? Adjusting to the light properly this time and coming to her senses she realised the buzz was the front door bell. She checked her watch again to make sure she hadn’t mis-read it the first time. No, it was definitely nine and in her opinion far too early for anyone to be calling on her, particularly unexpected, on a Saturday morning. The third, very persistant ring made her leap out of bed and grab her robe. She was determined to give whoever it was a piece of her mind and if it was cold callers or religious callers she really didn’t think she could be held responsible for her words or actions. She flew down the stairs and opened the door.

Once again the bright sunlight caught her out. All she could make out was a huge bouquet of flowers.
‘You must have the wrong address’ she blurted out before the carrier said anything, who she still couldn’t see behind the mass of crysanthimums and carnations.
‘I don’t think so’ the man’s voice replied, lowering the delivery to reveal his identity.
‘Andy! Goodness. How did you know where…..’
Andy anticipated her question and nervously interrupted ‘I dropped you off after the Christmas party last year. Remember?’
‘Yes. Of course you did. I’d forgotten.’
‘So what are you doing here?’ Feeling vulnerable and having flashbacks to the scene in the office the night before, Alison pulled her robe tighter across her body, conscious that underneath she was naked.
‘Can I come in?’ he asked taking a step closer to the open door.
‘These are for you. By way of an apology for yesterday. I’m sorry.’
Alison took the flowers from him, opened the door wider and gestured him into her house.
‘Come through’ Andy followed Alison to the lounge and took a seat on the leather couch while Alison placed the flowers in a bowl of water.
‘I hadn’t expected anyone to come back to the office. I was sure I locked the door.’
Alison sat beside a still nervous Andy who was perched on the edge of his seat.
‘I must confess, I don’t know what came over me either. I don’t make a habit of such public displays of sex, you know.’
They both smiled and seemed to relax a little as the awkwardness slowly disolved.

Andy siezed the moment and held Alison by the upper arms and gave her a long kiss.
‘Wow!’ she exclaimed collapsing into the softness of the back of the soft leather couch, her robe falling open to expose her thigh
‘Where did that come from?’
Instead of answering, Andy leaned in towards her and ran his hand over her leg, stealing another, much longer kiss.
Alison couldn’t help but respond and adjusted her body to wrap her arms around Andy. She soon had one hand underneath his t-shirt and was running her fingernails up and down his back as his kisses became more passionate.
Her mind was scrambling; she couldn’t recall the last time she had felt such emotion and intensity with a man. Andy moved his kisses from her lips, down to her neck and as he gently eased away the fabric of her robe, continued to her chest. He slipped his hand just inside her robe to feel her breasts for the first time; the breasts he had glared at the night before as her nipples had hardened under the wet cotton of her dress.
‘Wow, you have such gorgoeus nipples’ he whispered.
By this time, Alison had thrown her leg over Andy’s and they were semi-locked together. She lifted the t-shirt from Andy’s back and threw it to one side. She returned the favour and placed tiny gentle kisses over his face and into his hair.
Andy focussed his attention on Alison’s nipples for a while, sucking, licking, flicking and teasing. The passion within Alison grew stronger, she needed to give something back but was trapped under the weight of Andy’s body now he had rolled to lie almost on top of her. The leg that had been across his had now fallen to the floor and was stretched out in anticipation of where Andy’s hand would travel to next. He didn’t disappoint, alsmost reading the invitation to slip his fingers between her legs.
‘Christ, you are so wet.’ She parted her legs to allow him better access to her warm moist pussy. Alison let out a groan of pleasure as Andy trailed his kisses down her tummy towards her well trimmed haven. He shifted from the couch to the floor and knelt before her.

In a much better position to pleasure, Andy played his tongue over and over Alison’s clit, flicking her hard nub with his tongue licking the juices from her soaked pussy. Alison shuddered as she peaked and Andy pulled away to give her a deep lingering kiss so she could taste how good she was. With Andy’s weight now removed from her body, Alison found the energy to ease him onto the floor. She loved every minute of being pampered with such affection but she was ready to take charge. She unfastened his belt and trousers and slid them down to his knees. His erection was quite visible under the security of his boxers and she teased him with some gentle rubbing with one hand while she tweaked at  his nipple with the other. She could feel him squirming in delight. She decided not to tease anymore and released his cock from the confines of his underwear to take his stiff cock directly into her mouth.
‘Oh fffffff’ he called out, rather loudly and ran his hand over her back and grasped at her buttocks to convey the strong feelings he was experiencing.
He stared at the light fitting on the ceiling for the entire time she was down on him, trying desperately to hold off from the inevitable outcome. Eventually, when he could take no more he lifted his head.
‘Be careful I’m so…..’ he didn’t have to say anymore, Alison had already read the signs and moved herself to straddle him.
With his cock so close to her entrance, she leaned forward to lower her pelvis towards his length, allowing him to first rub at her outer lips before slowly and gradually inserting himself completely inside her. Alison lifted her head to look Andy directly in the eyes. No smiles were exchanged just the look of shear heaven, that after such a display of eroticism the night before which was totally unplanned, they were together in the closest and most intimate of ways. She rode him slowly and as Andy pulled her down onto him so their bodies were in contact, he managed to roll her over onto her back, re-gaining control of the situation. At first she locked her legs around his back to hold him tight, but Andy had different ideas. He took her legs and placed them over his shoulders, thrusting his cock deep into her over and over. Alison’s eyes rolled back as she threw her head back in ecstasy this was the sex she loved so much, she felt so good knowing that her tight pussy was what Andy wanted. As his pace picked up his hands moved to her breast and played with her nipples driving Alison wild, she screamed out for more. Andy gave all he could, fucking her so very hard his balls were slapping down with every thrust he made.  He pulled her nipples and slowed his pace slightly knowing his stamina was faltering. She was just so tight and as he released her legs from over his shoulders he pulled his rock hard length from her. She moved round quickly and soon had his hard cock in her mouth, taking it deep into her throat.  She knew this would achieve her desired outcome and as Andy pulled back and she licked the end of his cock he shot load after load of sticky cum into her open mouth.

They both collapsed into each others arms,  hot and spent bodies shaking with excitement, but knowing that this was going to be a very long weekend.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Storm

Thank goodness it was Friday. Although it was hot and humid, the weekend weather looked promising.  Just a few last papers and subscription magazines to file away and Alison could head home. Colleagues were leaving in dribs and drabs and soon she would also be out of the door. She was a little obsessed with leaving her desk tidy for the weekend. Tidy desk, tidy mind is what she believed in.

With everything in place, Alison grabbed her bag and keys and left the office behind her.
Waiting at the bus stop, the clouds got darker and huge raindrops started to fall. Having no umbrella she stood under a nearby tree for shelter. Ten minutes passed and still no bus. Deciding on getting a taxi, she rummaged in her bag for her phone. It wasn’t there. She must have left it in her drawer at the office. Making a dash for it she returned to the office, dripping wet. Walking to her desk she was distracted by Andy sitting in his office. It wasn’t unusual for him to work late but ….. with his shirt off?

Alison had always got on well with Andy and not resisting a joke she poked her head around the door. ‘I know it’s been hot Andy but that’s a bit extreme isn’t it?’  She caught sight of his flushed face and soon she realised that there was more to this than met the eye.  ‘Everything ok?’ she asked. ‘Great thanks’ he replied, staring back at her, fixing his gaze to her chest. Alison looked down and realised that not only was her sodden dress clinging to her but her nipples had gone rock hard as the air conditioning met the wetness of the cloth. He appeared mesmerised for a while then looked back at his laptop.  He typed something, smirked slightly and swivelled on his chair.

Now she was blushing. ‘You’re naked, aren’t you?’ Alison had never looked at Andy as anything other than a colleague and friend but now……fuck me, she liked what she saw.
To Andy’s surprise Alison took a seat opposite him and sat and watched him for a while. He carried on as though she wasn’t there; typing, smiling and occasionally laughing.
Curiosity got the better of her and she walked over to stand behind his desk so she could get a better view of the laptop. As she leaned over, Andy rubbed her bottom, stroked her thigh and lifted her dress a little. Before he could do anymore the phone rang. She expected him to ignore it but he answered.  By the tone of his voice it was a client but she couldn’t figure out who it was. Andy conducted the call with complete professionalism and Alison wondered if she could catch him out.

She pulled her chair up closer and sat facing him, legs slightly apart. She stroked her breasts and pulled on her already pert nipples. She wet her index finger and played with the bullets, all the while keeping eye contact with him.  Her fingers trailed down her breast plate, over her tummy and come to rest between her thighs.  Andy leaned forward on the desk in time to see her finger slide gently inside her glistening pussy. Alison pleasured herself, circling her clit and rubbing her lips, letting out little groans of rapture every now and then. She closed her eyes and threw her head back at the point of absolute climax and stayed in the position for a moment, basking in the glory of her own achievement. She opened her eyes to find Andy stroking his erection, but he wasn’t watching her, he was still looking at his laptop and still talking on the phone.

Alison composed and straightened herself before leaving his office. She collected her phone and was about to call a taxi when she realised it was no longer raining. The sun was back out and the walk would do her good anyway.

As Alison made her way to the door she wondered if the weekend could get any better……….

Friday, 22 July 2011

On the Table

If anyone was to find out he would surely lose his job. An Area Manager knocking off one of the trainees just wasn’t acceptable.  He was married after all, but that had not prevented them from seeing each other on a regular basis. He visited her office once a month and each time they stole the opportunity to be together.

They first met six months previously. He had walked in the door looking so smart, and with an air of confidence about him she couldn’t resist. There was an instant mutual attraction. Whether or not it was her short skirt and low cut blouse that made him look twice at her, she didn’t care. They wasted no time in discretely exchanging telephone numbers and very soon racy text messages were being sent back and forth.

On the first date he had taken her out for lunch. It was definitely lust, but he wanted to get to know her better. The second meeting had ended with them shagging on the back seats of his Merc in a lay-by.

This time would be different.  She had only been in the house five minutes when she heard the doorbell ring. Without looking out of the window, she ran down the stairs, still wearing her Mac. He closed the door after him and hung his jacket on the banister of the stairs. He removed her Mac to reveal the sexy black and deep red basque he had bought for her on their last date. The basque cupped her gorgeous breasts beautifully and hugged her waist to perfection and was accompanied by very skimpy panties, stockings, suspenders and of course, black heels. He pushed her towards the kitchen and laid her on the table, instantly licking her already wet pussy. She gripped the sides of the table and raised her legs to rest on his shoulders, digging the heels of her shoes into his back.  His tongue lapped around her vagina and she writhed in rapture. He pulled her towards the edge of the table before freeing his growing beast from his suit trousers. He tormented her dark cavern with his weapon and then quite forcefully played two, then three fingers inside her.

She looked up at his tall, dark frame, standing above her. He climbed onto the table and placed his knees either side of her. She leaned up to take his cock into her mouth and proceeded to suck on his foreskin, pulling it gently with her teeth over his tip. He hadn’t cared for this very much so pulled his foreskin back so she could then run circles around the huge bulb with her strong tongue. He found this far more erotic and grew harder the more pressure she applied.

He moved down her body and licked her golden pussy once more. The intense finger fucking that followed made her squirt her juices directly towards him and splashed his clean, fresh blue shirt.

Triumphantly he smiled and took a seat on the chair beside the table. She sat on his lap facing him, gently gyrating her body until he had his pleasure.

He adjusted his clothes, grabbed his jacket and left.  She wiped the splashes from the table and floor with a tissue and put it in her pocket. After replacing the table and chairs back to their original positions, she ran upstairs and collected her dress from the bed where she had laid it out carefully. Now fully dressed and make-up freshened she picked up the keys and ensured the door was secure before leaving.

Back at the office, she replaced the keys in the cabinet along with all the other vendor’s keys.

She could hardly wait for the next house viewing.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Echo Beach

Nick took the supplies on the boat and awaited the arrival of his crew for the day.  An Australian couple in their mid thirties had chartered the Echo Beach for the day and were good sailors. This was Nick’s first sail as skipper and he was looking forward to heading off to the beautiful Bay of Islands, near the remote northernmost tip of New Zealand with James and Pip. The couple arrived and boarded the German built Dehler 34, taking their bags below decks before running through a few formalities with the very young skipper.

Once out of the harbour, they set the sails and switched off the engines. The deep blue sea glistened in the sun and a gentle breeze filled the sails taking them towards their destination. They hoped to moor there for lunch and maybe catch a glimpse of some dolphins on the way.

Nick couldn’t help but watch Pip as she walked around the deck. Her white knee length shorts pulled tight across her arse went she bent over and Nick made a mental note that he could see no knicker line. Her long dark hair was tied back in a pony tail which fell over her shoulder, loose strands hanging in soft curls framing her fresh round face. The navy blue polo shirt and deck shoes enhanced her slightly tanned skin and her slender legs supported her light frame.

They weighed anchor in an unoccupied cove and to Nick’s surprise Pip stripped off and jumped into the azure sea below and James was quick to follow. Nick watched them for a while and marvelled at Pip’s naked body as she swam on her back, letting her breasts bob on the surface of the sea, like buoyant markers. When was in the galley preparing lunch he became aware of the silence and went on deck to see if everything was okay. Straight ahead of him, at the foot of the main sail mast, he could see Pip. She was astride of James’ body and was riding him for all she was worth. Nick was astonished and turned to retreat below deck when she caught sight of him.
‘C’mon Nick’ she called, ‘we’ve paid for you and the boat. Come and join in.’

Nick was a little apprehensive. He could lose his job for this. Pip didn’t take her eyes off him until he succumbed to her charm. He stripped himself naked and stood by the side of her. She continued to ride James but took Nick’s rigid cock into her mouth and firmly clenching his white buttocks in her hands to pull him in closer. Nick used his fingers to comb through her wet hair, squeezing water down her back as he did so and with his other hand massaged her gorgeous natural breasts, occasionally pinching at the nipples to heighten the excitement.

Pip climbed down from James and pushed Nick down on the sail bag. She straddled herself over Nick’s face and leaned on James for support. Nick gripped her hips, opened his mouth and stretched his tongue upwards. He could taste the salt water on her skin, but above all he could taste her. Her juices were warm and inviting, begging him to probe further, but James released his support and Pip stood upright. She took two steps back; legs still astride and lowered herself on to Nick’s cock then threw her body forward. Her hands were now above Nick’s shoulders, her breasts swinging in front of his eyes, her hair dripping water on to his chest providing cool spots on his hot body. James stood behind her and although Nick couldn’t really see him, by the look on Pip’s face he knew James was taking her from behind. The three of them soon found perfect rhythm and it was James who came first. He withdrew just before climax and let his cum shoot up Pip’s back. Nick was sure some splashed on his face but he was concentrating and his own emotions and sensations. His own orgasm quickly followed and he wondered just when Pip was going to climax. She released her lock on Nick and laid back in the sunshine, her own fingers stimulating her tiny sensitive flower until a gush of fluid left her body, leaving a puddle on the deck.

Nick’s boss Scott was waiting for them when the moored up. James shook Scott’s hand and thanked him and Pip greeted him with a warm embrace.

‘It’s been a wonderful day and don’t worry …..’ she smiled and as she started to walk away. ‘I’ve broken him in!’

‘I thought you would’ Scott grinned.